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London, England

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Weather: Clear & cold

I only went to the British Museum today as it was close by. Unfortunately it closed two hours ahead of time so my experience was short. As my trip comes to an end I find that I needed more time at both the British Museum and the Louvre. I could've spent a full day at each and probably three at the Louvre in Paris. I now have a reason to go back, not to mention the massive amounts of other museums I wasn't able to visit in both Paris & London. I could easy use another week in both Paris & London and of course that doesn't even begin to touch on the rest of each country outside of those cities.

Obviously the next trip will be much easier as I'm now much more familiar with the locations and other various little things you just can't simply glean from the Internet, books, TV, or magazines. It will definitely allow me to utilize my time more efficiently.