London, England

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Some shots of the train from Wolverhampton to London. I'm in the first class coach and it was well worth the $15 upgrade, which is normally $100. There's some poor pictures of the countryside as we move along. You'll also note some flooding that has hit parts of England pretty hard. It was raining today, but fortunately I'm on the train and don't even notice. By the time I reach London, the rain has stopped.

On the train from Wolverhampton to London I have booked a first class seat. Definitely a wise decision as people in the standard coaches are packed in and some have to stand. Did I mention there was a delay in route and the trip took another hour? Didn't bother me. Nice comfortable seats, no one around me for several rows. We're given food and drinks and there's plenty of room for my laptop. Oh yeah, I did take some photo's. I'll have to upload them. My ticket upgrade was only 10GBP. Unfortunately a friend forgot to book his ticket first class and found that it was 70GBP to upgrade on the day of travel. His ride in the cattle car convinced him never to do that again. He couldn't get up to use the toilet in fear he would lose his seat, nor could he walk to the vending machine coach to get a soggy sandwich for fear of the same reason.

I'm now at the Thistle Euston and have been upgraded to a better room with a double bed and more room. Reason: The Internet connection kept failing and after an hour of working with the techs, they decide the phone in my room is bad. I ask them to call the hotel and explain the problem. They promptly do and well... here I am uploading and typing this message in a new room. The rate is cheap at 38GBP a night. The Internet connection costs 15GBP/24-hours. It's quite fast and worth the cost.