vagrant -

• Buy tickets in advance and get travel insurance.
• Ride first class on trains. Think crowd, or comfort? Delays?
• Get your tickets in advance & save a bundle. A bundle.
• Don't like your seat? Call the airline and move around.
• Use a shuttle over a taxi for airport travel to town and save.
• Ride the metro/tube and get an unlimited multi-day pass.
• Did I mention buying your tickets in advance? Shop online.
• Use a bank ATM machine. Get just enough, you can go back.
• Use a money belt and or a money pouch for large amounts.
• Use a coin purse and a wallet for smaller amounts.
• Left over change...instant souvenirs for yourself, or kids!
The American Vagrant
• Buy only a small amount of snacks/drinks at a store.
• Restaurants, try something new. It won't kill you.
• If you don't normally eat from a street vendor, why start?
• They feed you on the plane. Eat and drink. Saves time later.
• Don't eat what you can have back at home.
• Use a tour bus the first day to get the layout of the land.
• Get a museum pass. Skip lines sometimes and save a bundle.
• Some tour buses offer a second day at a low rate. Get it.
• Most tour buses let you get off and on at different stops.