Paris, France

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Weather: Little rain for about 15 minutes to overcast.

Ok, so I think I have some time to put some more detials in for each picture, but it's getting late and I'm tired. I've got to fly to Birmingham tomorrow where I'll be for New Years 2003. (Actually Wolverhampton)

I'm unable to get any connectivity while here at this new hotel, Hotel de la Motte-Piquet. I found a wireless access point, b ut it was encrypted. The room here is a little bigger and it's quiet. Much more quiet than Hotel Champ de Mars. Unfortunately it's hot as hell in the room. I turned off the heat in both the bathrom and the room itself, but it's cooking in here. Must be like 72°F (without the heat on) in my room. It's crazy down in the lobby. They must have it set to 90°F or something. I mean it's hot bad. Nuts!

Overall I'm happy with Hotel de la Motte-Piquet. It even has a mini-bar which I've never used except for my own drinks.'s nice to have a fridge for some OJ & a few beers.

Ok, well here's some more pictures. The weather was great. It never really rained more than 5 minutes while I was here and outside. It's really been great. The pictures are from the Invalides (which is a home for veterans) setup around 1650 and the museum therein. There's also some shots that look like some archeological diggings which they are. They're shots of some stuff found under the Notre Dame Cathedral. Some stuff here was over 2000 years old. Paris pretty much got its start here and mainly on an island in the middle of the Seine, Ile de Cite.

Anyways I'm getting tired and I don't want to sleep through and miss my flight so here's some overall details of some of the shots. The big brown thing in one shot is Napoleon's tomb. Another tomb is the other Napoleon. Yes there were several of them, but the one you've heard about is the one in the big brown tomb. There's a cool shot of some armor that looks like the last person who wore it...was the last person to wear it. (See the two holes)

There's also a shot of an Enigma machine. (A code machine used by the Germans to encrypt their messages during WWII). There's a shot of a V1, a helmet worn by a US GI that also has two holes in it. Some whacky little motorcycle that could fit into a case that was air dropped to the French Resistance. (Those Frenchman were pretty small you know) ;-)

There's also some shots of the Rodin Museum. Yes that statue of "The Thinker" is there. He's still thinking too. I think finally there's some shots of my hotel room. Alas, I'm beat, it's almost 12am and I need to be up at 7am.

Good night.

360° shot of the front of Invalides

360° shot in the courtyard of Invalides

360° shot in the courtyard of Rodin's Museum

The courtyard of the Invalidies
Outside the Invalidies
Rodin's Garden