Paris, France

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Weather: A little damp today. I had to use my umbrella for about 30 minutes

Ok, it's time to hit the museums. I grabbed a museum pass for 30($30)good for three days, at the Musee de Orsay and take off. Alright, there's not a lot of pictures here. Truly, you need to see these works with your own eye. Some to intricate, some you just need to see for yourself.

The shot that looks like it's from a clock is exactly that from inside the museum. The building to the right out of the clock is the Louvre. Most of the pictures are inside the Louvre itself. here's a place that needs at least 3 days to check out. It's that big with so many items. I might just be able to get most of it in.

One of the shots is of the Mona Lisa. It was packed in this room and the painting is covered with several layers of glass and tinted glass. Seriously, if you want to see pictures of this museum or others, it's best to buy a DVD or CD-ROM set that has all the major works.

My apologies for the side shots as I'm pressed for time to get these photo's up and get going to see other things. It rained today, but it looks like its going to be clear tomorrow and I need to sleep. Hmm...I didn't eat today. I must be busy. If some of the people look like ghosts, they're supposed to. I'm goofing with some image settings. Unfortunately you can't really use a tripod anywhere. They freak out and think you're setting up some kind of platform for a weapon. No kidding, I'm dead serious. At each museum you go through a metal detector and x-ray machine or a person searches your stuff. It goes pretty quick and I'm sure everyone appreciates the relaxed atmosphere once inside.

Oh yeah, the French are quite friendly and kind. I've not encountered any problems. Of course this time is generally the low season and tourists are loved at least by the places that make their business from them. Also, I must say I am quite glad I know some French. I seriously enjoy everything much more as I can read most things except when they get a little to technical with words describing certain things in museums. There's the audio tours for different languages, but I guess I'm able to take advantage or understand the little things that either get me ahead of a line, save money, or provide me with shortcuts and not having to wait for things to be explained. feat are killing me after walking miles and miles each day. I might grab some tennis shoes.

Too many people trying to check out the Mona Lisa