London, UK

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Weather Overcast & misty in London. (Overcast, but realitively warm in France upon arrival.)

Just some quick shots of the hotel room in London. Nothing exciting really, especially the view out my window of the top of Victoria Station. I took the Gatwick Express to Gatwick Airport right from Victoria Station. Nice and quick, but had to take another rail train to the north terminal at the airport. Security was different than the USA. No handheld metal detectors, but a hand search. I believe the hand search to be far superior. My flight on British Airways was excellent though. I lucked out and grabbed an asile seat on the emergency exit. Plenty of leg room and the seats were nice as well. I booked the flight from London to Paris to Birmingham UK for $121 on Definitely a good price.

I used Golden Air shuttle service to get into town from Charles de Gaulle Airport. The cost was $25 each way. I also used them for the return trip to the airport.

The small stinky room in Paris