London, UK

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Weather: Overcast all day. Foggy, but no rain.

Some shots of London. Taken from a tour bus as I had some time to kill before checking into the hotel. This tour was pretty good actually, much more to see than the pictures here. I just rode it for 2 hours, but you can get off and on. Tomorrow I'll have more time for it. I stayed at the Thistle Hotel Victoria which has some nice "in room" Internet access, albeit costly, ($25) but fast. Looks like a 512kbps connection. The hotel is literally at Victoria Station.

My first meal, courtesy the hotel. Jet lag sets in since I couldn't sleep on the plane. Then I'm trying to sleep during the day while the people in the room next door are knocing on their own door and it keeps slamming shut. So I finally get going about 12am and since most everything is closed, other than some funky greasy fish & chips shop around the corner (reminds me of a taco truck outside a bar at the end of the night), I decide to go with the safe bet. Chicken salad sandwich with some chips (crisps) and a couple of rather good and strong ales (Stella Artois) a la hotel room service. Oh yeah, it's hot as hell here. Like 49° outside and they've got the heat up to 80° or something. I opened the window. Problem solved.

There's only about 8 channels on the TV with others that are music only. I'm figuring there won't be anything on while I eat my sandwich, but to my surprise, there's American Football on showing sunday's games. What's even better is that I'm not subject to the endless commercials during the game as they break away to commentators in England that talk about the games progress. When the game is back on, they go back to the regular U.S. commentators that give the play by play.

Not bad for day one.